Bubble Football is a physical activity, and like all activities there are some risks! Bubble Boys Ltd is
fully insured with public liability insurance. By agreeing to take part in a Bubble football event provided and
organised by Bubble Boys Ltd you are therefore agreeing on behalf of yourself and your group to adhere to this
set of rules and are agreeing to the disclaimer points below.

Under all circumstances, any requests for booking rearrangement will be accepted in the form of postponement
only and the deposit paid will be held (non - refundable) until a new date and time has been provided to us. 

Disclaimer Key Points

  • Bubble Boys Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using the equipment we provide
  • You have listened to, read, understood, and will adhere to the rules of bubble football
  • You have no underlying health conditions/injuries. Bubble football is not suitable for anyone suffering from high blood pressure, any heart condition, epilepsy, or lung conditions
  • You are not pregnant, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have any back or neck problems or have had an operation in the last 12 months.
  • You are happy for us to potentially use some photos of you in a bubble football session on our website, social media and marketing material.

Bubble Football Rules

  • Remove everything from your pockets
  • Make sure your harness is tight enough and comfortable
  • Stay in the designated area
  • Don't roll down hills
  • Always be alert and ready to fall
  • Always be ready to brace yourself for impact
  • You can crash into each other and roll around - only crash into people if they are standing up and are aware you are there (so they can brace for impact)
  • Do not hit anyone until they are fully upright and ready.