Team building activities and corporate sports day in London

Your team has been working a little extra this quarter, and it’s high time they are given some time off the grind. Give your team the time-off they deserve while building up their team spirit with a corporate sports day London!

Sports days bring you back to the good old days when you’d run around as a kid with no care of the world.

male and females inside bubble footballs being thrown around

Top team building activities London for a corporate sports day

  • Start with the one and only egg and spoon race; balance an egg on a spoon placed in your mouth and race your team to the finish line. (Apparently, it’s excellent for developing your hand-eye coordination!)
  • Move on to a sack race jam-packed with fun, climb into your sack and start hopping to the finish line. The first one to make it to the finish line wins! You’ll find yourself stopping to catch your breath with this one – not because it’s extra intensive (well, not entirely) – but because you’ll be laughing too hard!
  • Pair it up with a classic game of tug and war! Wage war on the opponent’s team and put some muscle into it. The brawns will love this one for sure (that doesn’t mean the brains will miss out on the fun!)
  • Finish it off with a wheelbarrow race. Get into teams of two with one acting as the driver and the other playing a wheelbarrow; perfect for building teamwork!

Corporate sports day in London is a fantastic way to get out of your stuffy offices into something more humourous and fun, something you and your team will surely love! Your corporate sports day will be a day to remember.

two sets of group playing tug a war in a london park

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