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Activities We Offer

Bubble Football

Bubble football is exactly what it says on the tin, playing football (and other games) in a giant inflatable bubble. The fun twist on the sport results in heaps and heaps of laughter for all ages.

The sport can be enjoyed on multiple surfaces such as 3G pitches, astro turf, sports halls and grass but no matter what the surface, the bumping and rolling into your mates will never disappoint.

The game, commonly called zorball or zorb football UK, is an event where funny stories are created and could stay with you for years and years.

We provide bubble football in the UK at the cheapest price in the market! The activity, just like all of our activities is suitable for all ages and occasions, whether it's a stag-do, kids party, a corporate event day out or social fun with friends and families. This sport will not disappoint you.

All of our activities can be combined with any of our other activities (mix & match).

Tall man placed into a bubble zorb ball at London Park
4 people bouncing off each other inside bubble footballs at a London Park
6 large bubble zorbs on a football field in London
Girl in yellow tshirt playing combat archery

Combat Archery Tag

Combat archery tag is essentially paintball, archery and dodgeball all rolled into one sport - this activity is perfect for any stag, hen or birthday event. Fire the arrows just as you would when playing archery but the difference being instead of an arrow, there is a soft foam dart on the end. Duck, dive, dip, dive and dodge your way to archery victory!

Groups will be split into two teams (maximum 8 per team, 16 in total) and then multiple games are introduced such as team deathmatch, last man standing, dodgedart and many many more with the ultimate aim to eliminate your opponent.

All our equipment is designed for combat. With foam tip arrows - you can fire away at your opponent without the fear of anyone getting hurt. Our trained event coordinator will referee the game to ensure all the combat archery tag players are not only having the most fun possible but also that everything is done as safely as possible

Old School Sports Day

Old school sports day is an event package that promises to take you back to the golden years. Players will be divided into two teams and each activity will be scored using a points system.

Roll back the years and reignite that competitive spark or if you know your kid loves a sports day and wait for that special day to come round every year, why not treat them to it for a birthday instead.

Activities included in our old school sports day:
Egg and spoon race, sack race, tug of war, wheelbarrow race, hopper racing, 3 legged race and many more.

This event is ideal for a hen, stag, corporate or school day out and, just like all of our activities, can be combined with any of our other activities on the checkout page.

This activity can be combined with any of our other activities on the checkout page.

2 adults having a sack race on green sports field
4 adults having a wheelbarrow race at a sports day
4 people having an egg race at a sports day
2 adults having a nerf war party in London

Nerf Party

Similar to paintball but without the pain! If your child fancies himself as a sharp shooter, this nerf package is the perfect birthday activity. We will provide all the guns, goggles, ammunition, jackets, inflatable bunkers, barricades, snoods and much more. We’ll be sure to turn the venue into a army themed warzone.

We’ll separate the kids into teams and organise various games. Team deathmatch, battlezone and capture the flag are our personal favourites but we’ll always get a gage for what the kids are enjoying most on the day.

Give your kid the number one searched for kids party in the UK this year!


Birthday party, stag, hen - we’ve got you covered. This old school classic will be sure to have you ducking and diving like Ben Stiller himself. 

We’ll be sure to roll back the years with old school party games centred around the stag, hen or birthday boy. Bibs and balls will be provided and our event coordinator will split you into teams and organise all the games.

Mini tournaments are recommended for larger groups - all organised by us. 

Guy flying in the air whilst throwing a yellow ball
guy throwing an axe

Mobile Axe Throwing

Mobile axe throwing brings the excitement of this ancient sport right to your location, offering a seamless blend of convenience and thrill for events like parties, team-building exercises, weddings, festivals or family gatherings. With packages ranging from basic setups to more elaborate arrangements that can include an arena and a mix of axe and archery targets, this activity is tailored to fit a variety of group sizes and preferences.

Professional instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all skill levels, teaching proper techniques and overseeing games and challenges. This unique entertainment option emphasises safety, flexibility, and fun, making any event memorable by allowing participants to unleash their inner lumberjack in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.

Mobile Archery

Mobile archery brings the ancient art of archery to a location of your choice, offering an engaging and dynamic outdoor activity suitable for various events, including corporate gatherings, weddings, festivals, parties, and family fun days. With packages that cater to different needs and group sizes, participants can enjoy archery in a safe and structured environment.

These packages range from basic options with a couple of lanes and targets to more comprehensive setups that include an arena and a mix of axe and archery targets for a more diverse experience. Each session is overseen by professional coordinators who ensure safety and provide guidance, making mobile archery an accessible and enjoyable activity for people of all ages and skill levels. This service prioritizes convenience, allowing you to select the date, time, and location that best suits your event, ensuring a memorable experience that combines the excitement of hitting the bullseye with the joy of learning a new skill

2 adults having a sack race on green sports field
4 adults having a wheelbarrow race at a sports day
1 person hitting an archery on a backboard

Explore bubble football in the UK

Check out one of our activities 'Bubble Football' in action below:

People playing zorb football on an AstroTurf pitch in the UK

What do we offer here at Bubble Boy Events?

We provide our activities all over the UK, come to your wherever you are and will do it for the cheapest price in the country. We have the most experienced team and offer the most all inclusive packages out of all of our competitors leaving you free to sit back and let us organise everything.
Stag do's, Hen do's, Corporate Team Building, Kids Birthday parties, no matter what the occasion, we can cater for you.

Pre-set packages from £15 per person

Included venues, all equipment and fully qualified coordinator

Personalised experiences based on occasion, age and requests

Stag do's, Hen do's, Corporate Team Building, Kids Birthday parties

We'll cater for all event needs. You're one form away from entering a bubble for football!

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