Fun packed activities for your hen do party London

Are you stuck with planning out the best hen do party in London?

You have got a whole mix-up of the bride’s friends, and you want to keep it interesting without leaving anyone out. It can be a bit difficult to get everyone comfy, but some hen party games can work like a charm (tried and tested!).

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Enjoy the perfect hen do party in London

You can create an unforgettable experience for the team bride with some brilliant hen party activities that will make your day one to remember – all on a budget!

  • You have your spas, wine tastings and fittings in order, but now it’s time to let loose and go wild; consider taking the hens for a classic game of Dodgeball!

This old school classic might seem outdated to some, but it’s perfect for getting everyone up and running (even the shy ones!) Have fun while you jump, dodge and dive around the arena with games centred around the hen of the evening. Relive the joys of childhood as our experiences coordinators guide you to give you the hen dodgeball experience of a lifetime!

  • If you want something more intense yet fun, go for Bubble Football, or suit up for a Nerf Party! Channel your inner Katniss in combat mode with Tag Archery! Or try out some old school tug-of-war!
  • You can also Mix and Match activities to build a custom event of your choice! (two is better than one after all).

At the end of the day, you will have a day you can look back to and smile on. So pick out something fun and take your well-deserved time off at the best hen do party in London.

two women in inflatable bubble ball in a London park

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