Combat Archery Tag London

Combining Archery Tag with Dodgeball

Combat archery tag London is a sport that combines elements of traditional archery with elements of paintball or laser tag. It is played with bows and arrows that are designed specifically for the sport and are equipped with foam tips to make them safe for play.

In combat archery tag, players are divided into teams and try to eliminate their opponents by hitting them with foam-tipped arrows. The game is played on a field or arena that is set up with obstacles and barriers to provide cover.

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Playing Archery Tag in London

There are several places in London where you can play combat archery tag. Some facilities offer indoor and outdoor play, while others are strictly outdoor venues. It is a popular activity for team building events, parties, and other group outings. To find a venue in London that offers combat archery tag, you can enquire with us online. We have venues all over London!

Combat archery tag is a popular activity for stag parties and other group outings in London. It is a fun and exciting way for groups of friends to spend time together and engage in some friendly competition.

Before participating in combat archery tag, it is important to follow the safety guidelines and rules set forth by the venue. This may include wearing protective gear, such as masks and gloves, and following specific instructions on how to handle and shoot the bows and arrows.

Archery Tag Facts

It is also important to remember that combat archery tag is a physical activity, so you should make sure that everyone in your group is in good physical condition and able to participate without risk of injury. If anyone has any medical conditions or physical limitations, it is important to let the staff at the venue know before the game starts.

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